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Star Trek: Into Darkness Was Terrible...

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Yes, it has been out for a long time now, even on video, but I finally got around to seeing Star Trek: Into Darkness. Plenty of other people have already commented on this, but I feel like it deserves yet another voice. The movie’s director openly stated that he didn’t like Star Trek and that he found it too philosophical. Philosophy is at the heart of Star Trek, so he pretty clearly wasn’t the right choice to create this film. A true professional could get over themselves and embrace it and add their own twist to it. J.J. Abrams clearly cannot. I can happily accept a Star Trek that’s more action packed, but it ended up being a bad fanfic. It was a completely generic scifi action movie with a Star Trek skin. I can enjoy truly great movies of pretty much any genre because anything so spectacularly made exceeds the bounds of its fan base. I like scifi, and I like Star Trek, and I like action, but I do not like Star Trek: Into Darkness.

Unfortunately it seems as though others disagree with me so I expect we’ll see more of this successful trash in the future. I’d week for the future of Star Wars if Lucas hadn’t already trashed it. :)