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It was over a year ago that I set up this site and posted my first blog post to it…. And the last. I’m back to it now with a new angle. Instead of trying to make every post super in-depth I’ll just post whatever comes to mind. I often run into interesting problems and solutions that aren’t a huge deal, but I’ll forget them if I don’t write them down somewhere. As long as I’m doing that I might as well share them with the world.

My original site was generated using a static site generator that I wrote and while it worked well I didn’t want to spend the time to make it pretty… So now I’m using Octopress which is very similar but comes with some nice css templates. I’m using Robby Edward’s Octopress Tag Pages plugin to get topic tags since for some reason Octopress/Jekyll don’t have that feature out of the box. Static site generation is definitely the way to go.